Technology has been strengthening our connectivity to the world and its vital information. Social media like facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the most used platforms to interact and share each other’s thoughts. Sometimes, through social media we get suggestion of whether the taste of the food from the newly opened restaurant is terrible or not. Whether the clothes you always wanted to have has commendable quality, or the place to plan to have a vacation is price-worthy. This new trend of sharing ideas paves way to some people who call themselves BLOGGERS.

Bloggers shares their experiences to the public through blogs. Wikipedia define blogs as a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. There are different types of blogs but all intersect on one point give information. Today there are countless of bloggers because every can be one. On the other hand, some blog aren’t made to give awareness but rather they trick and misinform the audience. A blogger can be an influencer and that is why it is important that every article he or she made is credible and promote the betterment of the public. Some blogger chose to create their own website in order to establish reliable appeal to the audience or readers. Also, they can express more of themselves for they can personalize their website.

Blogging is now a huge industry and some make living out of it. It is now utilize in corporation or businesses as a marketing strategy. People nowadays have I increasing demand for information. If you perceived yourself as a blogger, or planning to be one, it is never too late. Create your blog now for someone is waiting to hear your thoughts.